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Anowara Begum & her four daughters’ smiles

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Once upon a time Anowara Begum had a happy family. Joynal Abedin, husband of Anowara Begum, was a worker. He was the only bread earner of his family and worked in Dhaka as a security guard. They have four daughters. Suddenly she heard a bad news that her husband was no more in this world.



When the accident happened

Md. Joynal Abedin, son of   Yunus Mia (late), of Village-Khaguria, Post office Khaguria- 3705, Police Station- Laksmipur Sadar, District- Laksmipur. On 25 July 2011 at about 11:00 am while Joynal Abedin was on duty in the generator room of the building of the Aman Ullah, located at House No- 13/C, Road No- 99, Police Station- Gulshan, Dhaka-1213, he was electrocuted and consequently died on the spot. Inquiries also revealed that Aman Ullah was the employer of the deceased worker Joynal Abedin.


Anowara’s condition after accident

  • The unexpected death of her husband demolished her totally
  • She has no hope to life. However, she has four children respectively their age about 12, 10, 8 and 4.
  • Initially they got some money from employer.
  • They did not get proper compensation and also they have no idea about Labour Law.


SRS initiative

  • Firstly, investigated by SRS and prepared report
  • Legal unit reviewed the matter
  • Contacted  with dependents of deceased worker over phone
  • They want SRS assistance and sent document to SRS office
  • After getting documents SRS draft a petition and sent to BLAST for filing before Labour Court
  • BLAST filed a case on 10/06/2013
  • The Learned 1st Labour Court, Dhaka passed an order to pay Tk. 100,000/- On 05/02/2014.
  • The opposite party deposited the money to the court.
  • Finally, the dependents came into the court and withdrew the amount on 09/06/2014.


Anowara’s opinion

  • Anowara very glad to get proper compensation.
  • She spent the money for her children's education purpose
  • She thanked to SRS and said SRS helped to realize his compensation.



Anowara is an illiterate women but she want to educate her children. Her husband is dead and he never did not come back. She learned about her rights to SRS and implemented in her own life.  When they took the compensated money had smiles on their faces.  We do not want to death of worker. If a worker died in a workplace accident, he gets his deserved compensation from the owner.