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Expected resulst of the project

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This project is designed to attain the following outputs:


1.    Information on workplace death and injuries have been collected from 26 (15 national and 11 local) newspapers and other sources

2.    600 investigations into workplace deaths/injuries throughout Bangladesh

3.    Legal review of 600 investigations into workplace deaths throughout Bangladesh

4.    Drafting of between 50 to 60 petitions relating to seeking compensation for dependent families or injured workers

5 .   Informing DIFE and RAJUK on circumstances of 600 workplace deaths encouraging them to take enforcement action, and follow-up action

6.    300 stakeholders such as law enforcing agencies, ministries, government departments, employers, worker representatives and workers motivated

7.    A printed guidance for developers on obligations in Bangladesh National Building Code

8.    50 trained representatives (manager, site engineer) of at least 25 developer companies following construction guidance

9.   200 trained construction workers who are aware about health and safety during work

10.   IEC materials such as hand-book/ leaflet, stickers/ posters on workplace health, safety and compensation.

11.   Publication and dissemination of Annual Report on Workplace death and injury.

12.    Collection of press clippings over a 3 year period on CSR related reports published in the newspapers

13.    Annual Press conference on workplace death and injuries.

14.    Networking with workers’ representative organizations

15. Organization and staff capacity improved