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Project Background

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1. Project Title/name: Workplace Safety, Compensation and Accountability

This project proposal comprises three main components

(a) Information gathering on workplace deaths, compensation legal review and enforcement action referrals which involves the monitoring of 16 national newspapers and 11 local newspapers from 5 divisional cities in Bangladesh to identify workplace deaths and injuries, undertaking of a legal review into the results of the investigations the drafting of legal applications seeking compensation for dependent families and the referral of appropriate cases to the Inspectorate of Factories.

(b) Advocacy and awareness on workplace health and Safety- working with other like-minded organisations, networking to campaign for, and improve awareness on, the need for improvements in workplace safety conditions with special focus on construction sector.

(c) To build capacity of organization and staffs – this includes training to the staffs of SRS on different issues such as gender, financial management, monitoring and evaluation, etc. It also includes the development of different tools such as gender policy, citizen charter, update of HR policy etc.