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Project activities

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Activities of the project


Activity 1.1: Write to the top 50 companies in Bangladesh asking them to provide details of any Corporate Social Responsibility projects which they are involved in.

Activity 1.2: Obtaining a list of local and foreign companies from BEI/BGME/BKME that undertake CSR

Activity 1.3: Write to those companies seeking details of their CSR projects.

Activity 1.4: Undertake a more detailed evaluation of the CSR of 20 companies – through website research, and interview with those responsible for the projects, with the alleged beneficiaries and top management of the industries.

Activity 1.5: Interview workers from each of these 20 companies using a structured questionnaire concerning the companies compliance with certain key labour rights

Activity 1.6: Prepare report.

Activity 1.7: Dissemination of the report among the stakeholders.


Activity 2.1: Select the national and local newspapers which will be monitored.

Activity 2.2: Organise the process of monitoring of local newspapers by local trade unions.

Activity 2.3: Input initial data from newspapers into excel database and onto website.

Activity 2.4: Select cases for investigation.

Activity 2.5: Carry out investigation and amend the data entry following obtaining information from investigations.

Activity 2.6: Undertake analysis by geographical location, by industry, by cause, by date.

Activity 2.7: Prepare report.

Activity 2.8: Dissemination of the report among the stakeholders.


Activity 3.1: Undertake review of about 150 investigations undertaken into workplace deaths.

Activity 3.2: Where legal cases are possible, contact dependent families to confirm support for legal case.


Activity 4.1: Drafting of legal petitions to be placed before the labour court.

Activity 4.2 Filing the cases through BLAST before the labour courts with relevant documents.

Activity 4.3 Follow-up with BLAST the cases.


Activity 5.1: Filtering out those cases which deserve investigation by inspectorate of factories and establishment;

Activity 5.2: Passing details of the deaths and investigations to factory inspectorates and other relevant regulatory bodies.