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Expertise Areas

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  • Conducted a study on “occupational health and safety in the construction sector in Bangladesh” commissioned by WHO;
  • Carried out a comparative study on “Extent of Compliance of Bangladesh Law and practice with ILO conventions relating to Occupational Health and Safety”, commissioned by ILO, Dhaka office;
  • Did a Study on Occupational Health and Safety Situation of Tokais (garbage collectors) in Dhaka City, commissioned by Safety and Rights Society;
  • Developed a guidance for Developers, Owners and Contractors on construction Workplace Safety, Health and Welfare, commissioned by WHO.

Legal and Policy Reform:

  • Assisting in formulating the National Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Policy;
  • Assisted the amendment of the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006;
  • Assisted the amendment of Bangladesh Labour Welfare Act, 2006;
  • Assisted updating the Bangladesh National Building Code, 2006;

Publication/Campaign Materials:

  • A 74-page report titled “Legal Reform to Prevent Workplace Death and Injury including analysis of worker deaths, 2007-2009,” Published in March 2010;
  • A handbook titled “Legal Enforcement of Occupational Health and Safety Law in Bangladesh,” Published in August 2008;
  • A handbook “Obtaining Compensation for Workplace Death and Injury in Bangladesh,” Published in June 2008;
  • A flyer on “Financial Compensation for Injury at Work,” published in 2008;
    A brochure on Safety and Rights Society.