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Legal Support

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After investigating workplace deaths and injuries, we scrutinise whether the workers or the dependants of the deceased’s workers are entitled to get compensation or not as per the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006. Safety and Rights does not provide any money directly to the injured workers or the deceased workers’ families but it helps them get compensation.

Safety and Rights makes a contact with the employers/owners of the victim workers through letters/legal notice or over phone directly to inform him or her that they should give the compensation as per the labour law. This is a motivation stage for getting the compensation from the employers/owners. If the owner side does not agree with providing compensation to the victims, Safety and Rights files cases in the respective labour courts against the employers after taking consent from the injured workers or deceased workers’ dependants. Safety and Rights bears all the cost for moving the case.

We employ the panel lawyers of BLAST, who are practising across the county, to move with the compensation cases filed in the labour courts. Safety and Rights has its own legal unit to make groundwork to initiate the legal battle.